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 Just Wanted To Apologize

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Alexis Bludmist [DoH]
Alliance Leader

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PostSubject: Just Wanted To Apologize   Tue Mar 03, 2009 12:06 pm

Hey guys -

Just a little note as to why I've been somewhat "absent" in the evenings. My work has been picking up a bit more and I've been working late - so of course my play time has been somewhat limited. I'm pretty much crashing when I get home from work. I know that is no excuse Sad I have been popping on in the mornings before work - but not for a long period of time. Hopefully when things settle down I will be logging in at night again! Smile Just need a few days.

I am very sorry for all this - I hope everyone is still having fun playing. I also noticed that a few people left - I am sure we will get others, but don't kill yourself recruiting. What we have is pretty tight thus far and that makes me happy.

And for not being "active" as much as I'd like - manicotti to - you know who u are Smile

Again, I do apologize - I will "try" to pop in tonight and see what's going on. Wednesdays are usually my really really late nights, as I have clients to see and meetings to go to and then clients after the meetings. So yeah, Wednesdays are my loooooong nights.

Anyway - just figured I'd give u all an update as to my status. On a side note, the party was great. I had 3 beers, but I drank reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally slow Smile

Ok, hope to see you all in-game this evening!

Alexis Bludmist

PS. And how do you make a picture by your name! I love that! Smile
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lord vampyre[DoH]

lord vampyre[DoH]

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PostSubject: Re: Just Wanted To Apologize   Tue Mar 03, 2009 6:25 pm

no worries, as we all understand the stresses of real life. i myself havent been on much either:( so im really loving the forums:)see yous ingame
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Serenity Small [DoH]
[DoH] Officer
Serenity Small [DoH]

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PostSubject: Re: Just Wanted To Apologize   Tue Mar 03, 2009 6:30 pm

Take care of yourself... we can manage without you for a few days.

To put a picture next to your name you upload a picture of around the right size through the avatar option in your profile.
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PostSubject: Re: Just Wanted To Apologize   

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Just Wanted To Apologize
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