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 Last Letter for Alexis

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Serenity Small [DoH]
[DoH] Officer
Serenity Small [DoH]

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PostSubject: Last Letter for Alexis   Last Letter for Alexis Icon_minitimeSat Mar 28, 2009 8:29 pm

I've taken a few days to calm down, and now I've gathered my thoughts and feelings, and am going to present them like a rational person.

Alexis, what you did hurt me more than I've been hurt in a long, long time. It also made me madder than I've been in a long, long time. Hurt and mad enough that it's affected real life things in my life. I have very few friends and that's what happens when one of them completely betrays my trust.

So anyways.... I still don't know EXACTLY what I did wrong. I logged in to the game and actually thought there was a guild party for a few minutes because of all the people in the guild hall. It was only after a few minutes that I realized I wasn't an officer any more and saw the guild announcement. You didn't even talk to me before demoting me and making it known publicly in the guild. You didn't even do it yourself! Dragon Flow's name was on the announcement! I didn't kick any of the players the controversy was over, I never yelled at anyone before then, all I did was leave. I left after YOU announced that you intended to leave but before you changed you mind and stayed. I left because DoH without you wouldn't have been the DoH I joined. Then you let me come back, promoted me again, and told me it was all ok. Why did you do let them ambush me with that? Why couldn't you have JUST talked to me first? Alone... Why did you let someone call me names like liar, manipulative, piece of shit, bitch, etc... in your guild while I was still a member and not do anything? Why did you let me be kicked while I was trying to explain my side? If anyone had dared to talk to you like that you know I wouldn't have just let it happen.

As an officer I remember getting masters on missions like Gate of Madness, Jennur's Horde, and Dzognar Bastion for guild and alliance members. I remember giving several 100k in contests to keep people interested in YOUR alliance. I made these forums for us. I tried to keep things peaceful and engage everyone I could in conversation. I confided parts of my very personal life to you. What did I do that was so bad that it negated all of those good things in one moment? Why did you let someone else degrade me without even raising a finger in my defense?

I even went so far as to pick fights for you! When you were upset that Jason in SBC was raising issues about members switching guilds in the alliance I posted on his forum to start a fight because you asked me to. When we went to discuss it with him I found things out about him and HUMILIATED him with them because you asked me to. Here's a screen of you asking me to verify if the number on his complaint ticket over guild harassment was legitimate:
Last Letter for Alexis Gw340.th. Click to enlarge that.
Right after that you gave me his name from the support ticket he put on his forums and told me to use it to get what I could on him so I did. I can't believe that I did something like that to hurt someone else because you asked me to, but I did because I liked you.

I don't care if you've told people that I'm a liar or crazy now. I just don't. I thought you were my friend, I trusted you, and I gave time and lots of myself to help your alliance. And you let or caused all of this to happen to me. I don't even want to log in to my game anymore.

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The Last Sinner [DoH]

The Last Sinner [DoH]

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PostSubject: Re: Last Letter for Alexis   Last Letter for Alexis Icon_minitimeSat Mar 28, 2009 9:00 pm


I logged on one Friday morning, to find that my guild chat and alliance was greyed out, and i was no longer in DoH...

You LET Dragon run the guild, you let him post that embarassing announcement about Serenity and Miharu being demoted.

You let Dragon KICK ME for no reason. You said he had a reason, he just hadn't told you yet. It's been two days Alexis. I've spoken with him 4 times, each time i was pushed away and called a twisting liar, and told extremely repulsive things by him. Which i have screenies of and will post to the forums.

I asked you if Amilia Mindcrusher kicked somebody in the guild, gave them no reason, and threw insults at them, if punishment would be taken against her. You said yes. Dragon Flow did the EXACT same thing to ME, and you stood by and did nothing. That hurt Alexis, i considered you my friend. Standing by and doing nothing is worse than actually doing it, Alexis.

I was told by an officer (not mentioning any names) That when you stepped down from leader (BECAUSE YOU SAID YOU WERE) that Dragon Flow would take over, and Dragon said that there would be some demotions. What the hell is up with that?

So far, to my knowledge, you've lost many impactful members-
1. Me (The Last Sinner)
2. Miharu Tansho
3. Serenity Strong
3. Amilia Mindcrusher
4. Magic Man X D
5. Talos the Hunter

When is it going to stop Alexis? Is it when everybody that actually contributes time to the guild and tries to make it better, and are your REAL friends, are weeded out by Dragon Flow, and nobody is left except for immature pricks?

Alexis, it's time for you to stop the bleeding. Maybe you should step down from Leader.

I had a guild member pm me the other day, he said in these exact words:

"This is disturbing. I've been in this guild for about 9 months, and i've never seen Alexis act like this."

To THIS DAY, Dragon Flow has NOT given me a reason as to why I was kicked, and neither have you.


Alexis, you have failed me, Miharu, Serenity, and Amilia. You have stood by and watched us get slaughtered by Dragon Flow, while WE WEREN'T EVEN ONLINE. I didn't even have a chance to EXPLAIN MYSELF before I was rudely kicked-FOR NO REASON-

Dragon Flow said i'm banned from DoH+Alliance forever. I frankly, don't care at all. DoH is crumbling, so is the alliance. DoH is rotting from the inside out. When I joined Psy (They had 12 members online when i joined-42 members total- the most i've seen DoH have on is maybe 9 or 10, and you have 72 members! Maybe less, since they're all QUITTING or being KICKED) so did Miharu. It overwhelmed you to see 3-4 DoH members in a better guild (Psy), so you removed them from the alliance. That's alright though, its a win-lose situation. We win, you lose. We joined an alliance with 7m kurz faction about 10 minutes later. Then I created my own guild, and it's all uphill from there Wink

You lost your BEST members Alexis. What you and Dragon have done is unfixable.

Good luck with DoH. I'll be chilling at Rising Sinners of Oblivion Cool

Last edited by The Last Sinner [DoH] on Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:07 am; edited 1 time in total
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Talos the Hunter[DoH]

Talos the Hunter[DoH]

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PostSubject: Re: Last Letter for Alexis   Last Letter for Alexis Icon_minitimeSun Mar 29, 2009 12:59 am

Hey sinner go ahead and add me to the list of ppl lost as I will be leaving soon. I might want to join your guild later on btw.
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PostSubject: Re: Last Letter for Alexis   Last Letter for Alexis Icon_minitime

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Last Letter for Alexis
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