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PostSubject: Last Call...   Last Call... Icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2009 9:52 am

[DoH] is gone and will never be back.

What is important is to remember the fun each of you had while it did exist and to stay in touch with the friends you made. I hope that everyone that has wanted or needed to has used the last few days of this forum to express whatever feelings or thoughts they've had on this entire mess. If you haven't and want to, I suggest that you do so. These forums have served their purpose and will be removed 48 hours from now. There is no reason to keep these around any longer than that, life goes on.

I also suggest that you leave people alone in game. If they don't want to talk or there's nothing nice to say, just leave it alone. It's better for everyone that way. Prolonged anger isn't a healthy thing. I think part of this entire mess has had more to do with some real life issues in peoples' lives than we realize and I hope those issues are resolved quickly and well.

Have fun, behave yourselves, and enjoy your game. Very Happy
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Last Call...
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